Simple & Sweet Photography Basics

A little {FREE} workshop covering the basics of photography, presented by me! Focusing on composition and the importance of light, with a little bit on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Excellent opportunity for all ages of people who are interested in taking better photographs. Whether your favorite subjects are your family, vacation vistas, or the bears at the zoo, you will walk away with knowledge to improve your snapshots.

Bring your camera to play with during the workshop. Also a good idea to figure out how to change the settings on your camera by reading your manual before and then bringing it with you (I know, pretty dry reading, but totally worth it).

After the workshop, we will head out for a sunset photowalk so you can put your new knowledge to use.

45 minutes {presentation with Q&A}
60 minutes {sunset photowalk}

What to bring:
pen and paper for notes
tripod if you want to stay for blue hour

Note: Don't forget to fully charge your battery and bring a clean memory card.

Upcoming {workshop} dates

Simple & Sweet Photography Basics
January 2013 - date to be announced
The Art Center
120 West Main Street
Washington, Missouri
If you would like to RSVP, see the Facebook event.

{workshop} plans

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